Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sun on the Mountain

The mountains from the hill behind the studios.

This morning we had some sunshine - it makes a heck of a difference!
You cannot actually see the sun, it is hidden behind a mountain - but it shines on other mountaintops. I ran to the studio to take some pictures. Here is what happened in the matter of two hours.


Carlo said...

Dear Vibeke,
I remember when I worked in Seattle in a building on one of the wharfs. I would go out for a break twice a day and sit on the wharf and look across Puget sound to Alkai beach and beyond. Always the same view. But the fog would sometimes roll in and the humidity of the air would often change and I was always struck by the shifting sense of distance from one viewing to the next. Your photos of the mountain brought back that strange sense of solitude I felt in those moments. Thank you.

5:50 AM  
laurent pernot said...

Hi Vibeke,
I will follow you on that blog !

2:16 PM  

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