Saturday, January 6, 2007


Flying to Dale was a drag... The woman at Widerø's check-in was rude and unhelpful. Said our international connection was not in the system and charged a lot of over-weight. 15 kilos is all you can bring - coming from New York for a 3 months residency this is bad news.
To top it off, the security took my bottle of Jack claiming it was not properly sealed. We flew in a propeller airplane with only 40 seats. I'm nervous in small planes.

On the way from the airport to Dale, the taxi driver said that it has rained for 62 days straight, and it was still raining. He told about diving in the fjord. That there are cactus-like plants under water, big like the once you see on post cards from Arizona. Soon he will go to Thailand to marry his Thai girlfriend and bring her back to Dale.


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