Sunday, April 1, 2007


good bye to my mountain
i've been cleaning and packing for two days. alison and jon invited me for dinner both days - mad nice!
finished my last bottle of jack with elisabeth and jakob in the studio - it's been such a sweet time under this mountain.


Anonymous emeline said...

I see that silence is still working on our minds... The project you are realising now seems really interesting, and of course deals with the current global politics. You might now that we have a new president in France that i do not agree with...
But about silence, i still work with it in my own way. I am writing a sort of long poetry like text about all the voices we can experience during a life time, voices that we hear, that we remember, but also the one we do not hear but imagine and the ones we would like to have heard.
Well, i wish you sunshine and happyness, and maybe see you one of these days !

4:53 PM  

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